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GRTV News - Starfield est terminé et prêt à être lancé

Le RPG attendu de Bethesda est presque là.

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV News, today we have a really big one for you, over the last few weeks we talked about different games going gold, I think we talked about Immortals going gold recently, we talked about Spider-Man, Marvel's Spider-Man, no sorry, Assassin's Creed Mirage, sorry, going gold I think yesterday, including that having it's release date pulled forward a week, and now we can talk about one of the biggest games of the entire year, with that being Starfield, yep that's right it's gone gold, it's ready for launch and preload, well we know exactly when we can preload the game as well, so with that being the case, let's crack on."

"Starfield is done and ready to launch, preload starts in a few hours, so obviously this was written late yesterday evening, so preload is technically available now.
Bethesda has finally confirmed we won't see further delays, we're just two weeks away from people buying one of the special editions getting access to Starfield, so tonight's announcement came surprisingly late. Bethesda finally confirms that Starfield has gone gold and Simple Terms finished development, so the highly anticipated game will definitely launch on PC and Xbox Series on the 6th of September as planned. That's not all, the studio also reveals that Xbox Series owners will be able to start preloading Starfield tomorrow, the 17th of August, which is today as of recording this video, but PC players will have to wait until the 30th of August to start downloading it. Not too sure the reason behind why PC players have to wait a little bit longer, but you know, it's still ample time to preload the game before it launches in early September."

"Now Starfield's a really interesting one to me because I'm still a little bit sceptical about it, I know that the way that Bethesda games tend to launch, they tend to have a few different, let's say, bugs and issues to work through, and I think today's sort of, the sort of culture and the climate of today's sort of games industry, we don't really like bugs these days, we don't really let them off that all too much, you know, when a game releases in an incomplete state, it tends to get a lot of criticism, so I'm a little bit sceptical because on one hand I know that Bethesda's games tend to go that way, on the other hand, still really haven't seen much about the game yet, there's been a lot of gameplay footage shown, but it's highly sort of controlled PR sort of footage, we haven't had a chance to play the game, preview it or anything like that, so there's no way we can share official opinions and thoughts about our time spent with the game, so I'm a little bit sceptical about it still and the way that it's been handled, I hope it's fantastic, because it would be brilliant to have another huge RPG that doesn't require any additional purchases to be able to enjoy in its entirety, but again, we'll know soon, it comes out on the 6th of September, I think a little bit earlier as well for certain editions of the game, so early September is when Starfield debuts, and yeah, we're going to be having opinions and thoughts about the game very, very soon and tons of different bits of information, good content about it as well, so yeah, definitely looking forward to that, this is all the time we have in today's episode of GRTV News, but we'll be back now tomorrow for the next and final one of the week, mind you, so I hope you enjoy the rest of your Thursday and we'll see you all on the next episode of GRTV News, take care everyone."





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