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Games To Look For - August 2023

Nous jetons un coup d’œil aux plus grands jeux qui débutent tout au long du mois d’août.

Audio transcriptions

"Following an incredibly busy first half of the year, July ended up being a much steadier month. August is looking to be a return to the chaos, as during the summer month we can look forward to a whole slew of promising games, be it indie titles or long-awaited AAA projects. To see just what August has in store for gamers around the world, let's dive into the latest episode of Games to Look For."

"Dungeons and Dragons fans all over the world have been eagerly awaiting the day that Larian Studios' mega-RPG Baldur's Gate 3 will be released. Fortunately, fans won't have to wait much longer, as the developer has decided that the PC game is so ready for launch that it is coming earlier than expected and will be kicking off in August instead of September, meaning you'll soon be able to start your journey where your choices shape the world and the people and creatures who live within it."

"Have you ever thought that wrestling games don't have enough fantasy RPG elements?
If so, MegaCat Studios' WrestleQuest will be the game for you. Combining classic RPG combat with wrestling moves, all in a world where professional wrestling collides with RPG fantasy, this pixelated title will be looking to offer a wrestling game unlike anything else."

"While it may look similar to Forspoken, Deck 13's Atlas Fallen is a very different game.
Set in a sandy fantasy world where gods once walked among men, this action RPG tasks players with fighting back against the ancient deities that ruled the world, all using a powerful gauntlet that can shapeshift into all manner of deadly weapons."

"With the world offering tons of secrets to discover and dangerous monsters to hunt, Atlas Fallen is one for the fantasy fans.
The supernatural and reality collide in Summerfall Studios' upcoming title, Stray Gods, the role-playing musical. In this narrative-heavy adventure game, players take on the role of Grace, a woman who has been given the power of song by the last Muse, and using this power, she must work to prove her innocence in the Muse's death before the mythological group known as Chorus execute her."

"With a stacked voice cast including the likes of Laura Bailey as Grace and Troy Baker, Felicia Day, Rahul Kohli, Ashley Johnson and more, you won't want to miss this one.
A new NFL season means a new Madden, and this is precisely what we're getting with Madden NFL 24.
This year's game will see the Buffalo Bills' Josh Allen as the cover star, and will also bring an array of welcome improvements including the new EA Sports Sapien character technology for more realistic models, field sense for better control in the gameplay systems, and finally, also cross-play so that PC, PS5 and Xbox Series players can team up or battle it out against one another."

"The game based on the movie, based on real events, is almost here. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an asymmetrical horror game that looks to capture the terror of the iconic 1974 horror film. The idea will see players either taking on the role of one of the brutal slaughter family to hunt and stop victims from escaping, or that of a victim where the aim will be to work together to find a way to escape the frightening family's grasp. Needless to say, Dead by Daylight fans should feel right at home here."

"This narrative adventure set on Mars is looking to tap into the unsettling, claustrophobic feeling that sci-fi thrillers have coined over the years. Fort Solace asks players to unravel the mystery of what's happening on the Red Planet, and does so throughout a story spanning four unique chapters. With Red Dead Redemption 2's Roger Clark and The Last of Us' Troy Baker starring in leading roles, this adventure game will be looking to make your hair stand on end from start to finish."

"While it was set to make its debut in July, Last Minute Delay pushed Ascendant Studios and Mortals of Avium into August, all so that the developers could finally get to work on the game.
While it was set to release in July, Last Minute Delay pushed Ascendant Studios and Mortals of Avium into August, all so that the developers could finally get to work on the game."

"While it was set to make its debut in July, Last Minute Delay pushed Ascendant Studios and Mortals of Avium into August, all so that the developers had a little extra time to squash some bugs and improve performance. Arguably the most anticipated title of the month, this magical FPS game sees players suiting up as Jack, an immortal who has been tasked with fighting back against the armies of the tyrant Sandrak, in the hopes of saving the mystical world of Avium from devastation."

"I will turn you into a weapon against Rashaan.
Born on the shoulders of three mighty statues, the resounding beat of a great heart could be heard emanating from the clouds.
For the miracle was about to give birth to a child."

"Picking up after the events of Blasphemous' Wounds of Eventide DLC, Blasphemous 2 will continue the journey of the Penitent One, as they continue to explore a harrowing world filled with mysteries and secrets. This sequel will be looking to offer improved combat and boss battles as well as a more customisable style of play, all while taking place in a new world crammed with fresh NPCs to meet and quests to undertake. This endless waiting has been my balance."

"Activating cerebral coral control device.
From Software never seems to stop. We can seemingly always rely on the acclaimed Japanese developer to release a new AAA title every year, and for 2023 this comes in the form of Armored Corps 6 Fires of Rubicon, a return to a series that has long been dormant. This sequel will put players into highly customisable mechs before letting them loose into a world to face off with enormous and overwhelming opposition, offering a challenging experience as we have come to expect from the studio. Let's see how far they can fly on borrowed wings."

"So while it will eventually make its debut on PlayStation and Xbox, Sabotage Studios' Sea of Stars will be first arriving on PC and Switch. Offering a story-rich adventure that takes players on a captivating journey through a fantasy world, this pixel title opens the door to exploration, turn-based combat and even a whole batch of additional activities to fill your time, such as fishing, cooking, sailing and more."

"August really is crammed with narrative-heavy adventure games, so it's only right that a Quantic Dream published title also joins this fray. Parallel Studios' Under the Waves is a game that revolves around professional diver Stan as he struggles to overcome a life-changing loss all while living deep in the ocean in a techno-futuristic North Sea submersible. Exploring the emotions of grief and loss and combining this with striking underwater vistas, Under the Waves will ask the question of whether Stan will ever make it back onto land."

"Are you there?
So capping off the month of narrative-heavy adventure games is KOOP's Goodbye Volcano High.
This cinematic story revolves around a group of anthropomorphic creatures who are facing the challenge of coming to terms with graduating from high school and moving on with their lives. This story is all about coming to the end of an era, and this game looks to explore this concept with song and emotionally gripping dialogue and performances."

"And there we have it! Another month in the books? To see what the very exciting September has in store for gamers, be sure to return at the end of August for the next episode of Games to Look For."





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