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Rainbow Six: Siege

The Six Invitational set records for Siege esports

It reached a peak of 321,000 concurrent viewers.


Ubisoft has announced that this past weekend's Six Invitational, a tournament for Rainbow Six: Siege in which Penta Sports took home the trophy and $200,000 USD, reached unprecedented figures for the game in terms of viewership, hitting a peak of 321,000 concurrent viewers, a new record for the game's esports scene.

This figure also represented a 184% increase in viewership when compared to the first Six Invitational's grand final in February 2017, which was a far smaller event in terms of prize money, teams, and venue. What's more is that over 6.2 million hours were watched across all channels between February 13 and 18.

How big do you think Rainbow Six esports can grow?

Rainbow Six: Siege
Photo: ESL