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Gorilla wins the FIWC Grand Final in London

He faced Deto in the final.


The FIWC 2017 Grand Final took place this past weekend, seeing some of the world's best FIFA players battle it out to be the champion, but it was British player Spencer 'Gorilla' Ealing who stood above the rest, winning the world title in the final against Kai 'Deto' Wollin.

In terms of stats, Gorilla was impressive throughout, having the best offence of the competition at 2.93 goals a game, as well as the best all rounder, with +17 goal difference. In terms of defence, though, Amanullah 'Aman' Seddiqi had that title, with only 1.11 goals conceded per game.

The final was a tense affair, with the winner getting $200,000 USD, and Alvaro Morata was there to coin toss for the match. It didn't all go Gorilla's way first of all, as Deto had a 3-1 lead, but Gorilla forced it back to 3-3, and demolished Deto 4-0 in the following match.

Ruud Gullit was also there to watch, so it was a high profile event by all accounts, and with Gorilla's victory he's definitely one to watch for the future. Is he the best in the world right now?

Photo: FIWC