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We talked to Expectsporting about his FIWC win in London

He revealed he didn't even expect to win it.


Danish football team Brøndby IF have their own FIFA player in the form of Marcus 'Expectsporting' Jørgensen, and after he won the FIFA International Club World Cup recently in London, we paid a visit to Brøndby's grounds to talk with the player

"I'm very happy to win the FIWC," he told us. "It's my first victory at a tournament and it's a huge one, so I'm very happy and honoured to win. I didn't really expect to win the tournament, to be honest, because my training up to the tournament wasn't perfect, but I got a very good start. I was very nervous at the first game actually - it was very cold at the venue - but I got a victory and when I won the first game I knew 'it could be a very good day this', and yeah it happened."

When we asked about the competition, Expectsporting said: "It was very tough. All the best esports clubs were there, PSG, Ajax [...] so it was very tough. I'm very happy and honoured to represent a club like Brøndby. Brøndby is one of the best clubs in Scandinavia."

He also spoke about his match against Ajax's Dani. "Never give up," Expectsporting said. "I was behind 2-0 against one of the favourites of the tournament, Dani from Ajax, but I came back to 2-2, so never give up."

Expectsporting will be competing at the FIWC later this month. Can he win this too?