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FIFA to move more into esports in the future

President Gianni Infantino outlines plans moving forward.


A new report released by FIFA has revealed that President Gianni Infantino wants to move further into the esports market, with esports being a big part of the oranisation's goals in the future.

"FIFA will increase its role in the exploding esports market, which in 2015 generated revenues of almost USD 1 billion, and work to capture a greater share of that market by better leveraging the popularity of the FIFA video game and the FIFA Interactive World Cup," Infantino commented in the report, released on October 13. "The administration will establish a dedicated team to explore opportunities and develop a business strategy that ensures FIFA is responsive to current trends and able to quickly adapt to developing trends in the esports industry."

"This relationship produces revenue to support FIFA's development programs and competitions [and] The FIFA franchise has also contributed greatly to the organisation's ability to remain relevant and visible in between FIFA World Cups."

This comes as part of what he terms FIFA 2.0: The Vision for the Future and it seems that esports will be in FIFA's goals for that future. Do you think this movement into esports is wise?